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Dear students,

Welcome to your new subject at AIT where you get to make a short documentary. (yayyyy)

Don’t forget to start thinking of ideas for your PITCH.. Either post your idea(s) on the blog so we can discuss them in class next week, or speak to me about it during class break if…

Hello, I’m John (#4220). I had an idea about doing an informative (while trying to stay away from just doing a recipe-following, how to video) doco about sushi making techniques in general or a couple of popular sushi types (unagi, california, ect). Perhaps just stick with one type and do some follow-up history of the specific dish itself. I haven’t actually asked for the restaurant’s permission, so I’m not sure how feasible that is, but I guess it’s a start(?) :)

Visual Communication Assignment

by John 4220 & Max 4316

We decided to take pictures on our own. Text by John.


Picture taken by Max.

This is from Pontoon Bar in Darling Park. I feel this poster is very unsucessful because largely of the background. While it does look cool and have a nice water-y feel to it, it doesn’t compliment what the text is trying to accomplish. Usually for restaurant ads, they include their specialty dishes on the poster; the bars, their beers. Not only did Pontoon provide me with a preview of what to expect, I’m getting a vibe that they just doesn’t quite care. It’s like they’re saying. It’s a ten dollar meal in the city, what do you expect? 

The colours don’t work in favor for the top half, as “lunch” and “dinner” blends in well with the background in the right lighting. I guess they choose the most important part (under $10) to have the most contrast to keep people’s attention, which is the saving grace for the poster. However, unless I’m in the city looking for a cheap meal, this poster wouldn’t get my attention. Even then, it’s not unique to get a meal at that price range. Neither the contents or what it’s conveying is unique and forgettable.


Picture taken by Max.

This is one of the big banners than you can find around Market City in the CBD. I like it a lot. From afar, it looks like a pack of bananas (well, to me anyway). I didn’t realise until now that it’s actually a bunch of shoes. Aesthetically, it’s very well composed. yellow on brown complement each other quite well, and the eyes naturally flow from top to bottom. 

Duplicates gives a feeling of abundance, cheapness (or affordability). However, yellow is a colour hardly considered for normal occasions, so the viewer can get a sense of style and uniqueness of these items. These qualities are what most stores strive to convey to their customers, and I think the poster does a great job of representing them.


Picture taken by John.

I took this photo in front of the Nike store on level 3 of Broadway Shopping Center. I’m not too finicky about shoes or their intended purpose, but I’m blown away by the amazing composition. First of all, it gives a GREAT sense of contemporary style. This piece is advertising Nike’s new running shoes for their flexibility, and the kaleidoscope effect compliments this appropriately and brilliantly. Not only will this appeal to athletes, it appeals to the artist in me that demands sophistication as well.

White is a colour that represents purity, nobility, and cleanliness, and it brings out a nice contrast to the other colours. I especially like the different layers of the piece. They bring out depth, which make it very modern and contemporary. Overall, an excellent composition.

However, I absolutely detest the orange text, it doesn’t mesh well with the piece, and reminds me of a flat magazine feel, which go against the three dimensional effect. Some shadows for the text would be nice.


Picture taken by John.

I took this picture in a Cole’s branch in Broadway Shopping Center. I don’t hate it, but it gives a eerie feeling and tension when I look at it, which might play into how effective it is as an advertisement piece and a cautionary infographic. If you pay attention (I blame my iPhone for taking crappy pictures) you can see the firefighter’s hand holding the family picture on the right. The text gets cut off a bit, but it’s very clear what it’s trying to say.

The colours are very nice (in an ominous way), my eyes can immediately pick up the important part of the ad, and disregard the less important background behind the hand and the picture.

This is one of the times where I would agree that Duracell needs to stop sticking their mascot rabbit on to everything. The upper four-fifth is all serious business, and the last bit reminds me that it’s just a stupid ad, and I should stop wondering if the family members survived the catastrophic event or not.

Video promotion for Communities vs Pros 4. Music is Flashback by Alphazone (the Cloudchaser remix) 

Music is Been Cheated by Western Hymn 

Old promotional video for the Pros vs Pubstars: Winter Wasteland in Jan 2011.

Unused CvP3 intro video. Music is Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights remix).

Video Promo for Communties versus Pros 2, an upcoming event sponsored by End of Reality, eXtelevision, and PubComp.

On September 17, 2011, 6 competitive Team Fortress 2 players of one of the best ESEA-Invite level team (The Experiment) will face off against 9 exemplary communities of the same game. Each community brings forward a player for each class in the game.

Recorded, animated, edited, directed, and VFX by eXtv’s Chuong “Dyonysus” Nguyen.
Graphics by Goldenhearted.
Music: “Master of Fire” by Hugo Tromp, purchased via
Wood Texture from Alexander G. Gourgenidze.

Special thanks to VideoCopilot.
Event Info: